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Tobias Furneaux (1735-1781)

English Navigator born on 21 August 1735 at the family estate, Swilly, near Plymouth, Devon, England, son of William Furneaux. Furneaux was third lieutenant in H.M.S. Trident in December 1770 and, from 30 December, in H.M.S. Torbay, later becoming second lieutenant. On 29 November 1771 he was promoted commander and appointed captain of H.M.S. Adventure under James Cook's overall command in H.M.S. Resolution. The expedition sailed from Plymouth in July 1772, called at Cape Town in November, and headed south and east. On 17 March 1773, Furneaux named St Patrick's Head, St Helen's Point, Bay of Fires and Eddystone Point. Adventure and Resolution were united in New Zealand in May 1773 and in August Furneaux re-visited Tahiti where the Tahitian Omai was taken on board. The vessels were again seperated in October and Furneaux returned to England, arriving Spithead in July 1774*.

From the name of the navigator, hence Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir was born. We would like to reiterate the history, and relate it back the local community. The French accent of the name, Furneaux, also commemorates our French/Modern Australian cuisines. We would like to bring back some of the old classics to compliment the best dining experience to our customers. For whom we welcomed as our friends and families.  




*Courtesy of Australian Dictionary of Biography

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