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The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir employs the Online Ordering system powered by It provides the fast, simple, and intuitive Online Ordering experience for customers. We strive our very best to provide fast and quality takeaway meal options to our valued customers.



Once the Online Order is placed, the customer will be notified an order confirmation on the screen (with the order number provided). A confirmation email will also be sent to the customer based on the email address provided. The order will be received on The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir's managing screen, email and text notification. The time between the order being sent by Customer and order received by The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir generally takes about a minute. The duration could vary from time to time, depending on the quality of internet connection both the Customer and The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir.  

Unless otherwise notified by the Customer, the order will be processed immediately.  And the order will be ready for pickup or delivery within 30min. There is no fixed time guarantee to be provided by The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir. 

The following outlines the Online Ordering sequence:

  a) Customer log on to The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir Online Ordering website;

  b) Customer select food and beverage items;

  c) If applicable, Customer specify Special Requests (i.e. Food Allergies Advice, Fixed time Order pickup or delivery) 

  d) Customer select "Order Now" to proceed with order;

  e) Customer choose to log in using Social Media account, or proceed as guest;

  f) Customer confirm the full ordering details;

  g) Customer fill in personal details (including Name, phone number, and email address);

  h) Customer choose to pay by Cash or Credit Card;

   i) Customer review and confirm final order;

   j) Order received by The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir;

  k) Order being processed by The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir;

   l) Order to be ready for pickup by Customer or to be delivered by The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir.


In the event where the order submitted by the Customer required further changes or cancellation, Customer must notify The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir by phone. The Furneaux Restaurant & Comptoir is not liable for any order changes or cancellation, if the Customer failed to provide further notification in a timely manner. In the event of refund, please refer to Refund Policy for full details.

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